Lion International Bank S.C

Lion International Bank S.C

Lion International Bank S.C., on October 2, 2006 in accordance with Proclamation No 84/94 and Commercial Code of Ethiopia has marked a shift in ownership as the company based its roots in a larger number of shareholders than any other Bank has had during the time and has become a pioneer for the Banks that came later. The then 3,739 shareholders have subscribed a capital of Birr 432.5 million and have had an initial paid-up capital of Birr 108.2 million. For the last five consecutive years Lion bank average annual profit is 25%-30%


የባንክ ባለቤት በመሆን 29%-35% ማትረፍ ይፈልጋሉ ከዚህ በታች የተጠቀሱትን አክስዮን መግዛት ወይም መሸጥ የምትፈልጉ ሞባይል ፡0913013439 መደወል ትችላላችሁ/ E-mail=

1.አንበሳ ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን= 25    የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 45,000

2. አንበሳ ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን=50    የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 75,000

3. አንበሳ ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን=100     የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 140,000

4.አንበሳ  ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን=200   የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 280,000

5.አንበሳ  ኢንተ.  ባንክ  አክስዮን=300   የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 420,000

6.አንበሳ  ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን=400   የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 560,000

7.አንበሳ  ኢንተ. ባንክ  አክስዮን=500   የሚሸጥበት  ዋጋ= 700,000


28 June 2020


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