Hibret Bank S.C

Hibret Bank S.C

Hibret Bank S.C was incorporated as a Share Company on 10 September 1998 in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ethiopia of 1960 and the Licensing and Supervision of Banking Business Proclamation No. 84/1994. The Bank obtained a banking services license from the National Bank of Ethiopia and is registered with the Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau of the Addis Ababa City Administration. For the last five consecutive years United bank average annual profit is 27%-35%


ባንክ ባለቤት በመሆን  27%-35% ማትረፍ ይፈልጋሉ ከዚህ በታች የተጠቀሱትን አክስዮን መግዛት ወይም መሸጥ የምትፈልጉ ሞባይል፡ 0913013439 መደወል ትችላላችሁ/ E-mail= girmabereket75@gmail.com/

1. ህብረት አክስዮን=100  የሚሸጥበት ዋጋ=160,000
ህብረት አክስዮን=200  የሚሸጥበት ዋጋ=320,000

3. ህብረት አክስዮን=300  የሚሸጥበት ዋጋ=480,000
ህብረት አክስዮን=400  የሚሸጥበት ዋጋ=640,000

5. ህብረት አክስዮን=500  የሚሸጥበት ዋጋ=800,000


28 June 2020