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Ethiopiansharemarket.com is a service provided by Blessing Company focusing on online advertising platform for Share/stocks in Ethiopia.

Ethiopiansharemarket.com does not sell stocks/shares directly and is never a party to any transaction between buyers and sellers or title transfer process. Ethiopian Share/Stock Market.com is working to create a link between buyers and sellers of any company shares/stocks. Advertising on Ethiopian Share/stock market.com is free of charge. Commission fee may apply up on performance of Sale.

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How to Advertise on Ethiopiansharemarket.com

Send an SMS text message to +251913013439,

  1. Mentioning the name of the company who you are willing to sell its share.
  2. Number of shares you are willing to sell.
  3. Price per one share.
  4. Your name and your contact phone number.

Your advertisement will be posted shortly in Ethiopiansharemarket.com home page.


“ Company: Zemen Bank S.c

No. of shares: 100

Price per share: 1,500 ETB

Contact person: Ato Bereket Girma

Phone No.: 0913013439

Private Banks
Satisfied Custmers

የሁሉንም ባንኮችና ኢንሹራንሶች ሼር አናሻሽጣለን

የኢትዮጲያ ሼር ማርኬት የሁሉንም ባንኮች እና ኢንሹራንሶች ሼር የምናሻሽጥ ሲሆን ከታች ያሉት የአክሲዮን ሽያጭ ከምናገናኛቸው ባንኮች ውስጥ የተወሰኑት ናቸው

Some Advantages of buying Bank and Insurance companies share
1. provide avarage annual provit of 27% - 45% quite better than depositing money in bank which is 7%
2. Provide access to Bank Loan using bank share certificate as collateral (90% credit avaliable based on number of share purchase)
3. Provide access for transferring bank share partially or totally to any person (family, friends, relatives..)
4.in case of emergency money, anyperson can sell his/her own bank share in the market with better price
5. Creates fixed asset in the case of families for their children when they reach at the age of 18 years
6.Creates access for wealth with in short period of time for individuals participating in buying Bank and insurance companies share.
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